Watching HGCA RL wheat trials being drilled


This afternoon I have been out watching NIAB-TAG staff drilling HGCA wheat trials at Hinstock in Shropshire.

Drilling was delayed by a damp morning (3 mm of rain over night) but they soon got going and is being drilled into a good sandy clay loam. Previous crop was OSR – which was used to produce Manor Gold cold-pressed oilseed rape oil.

I will keep popping back and seeing the crop/trials developing. Unfortunately I do not think i will get a plan so individual variety comentary will not be possible.

I spent 18 years undertaking these independent trials and am still a firm advocate of independent variety trials of all species – irrespective of the organising organisation, in this case it is HGCA a part of the AHDB.

Development, including growth stage monitoring and disease pressures will be reported upon as and when it is relevent.



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