Crop establishments are less than ideal.

I had a good walk yesterday  and had a good look around some establishing crops. It’s fair to say that earlier drilled crops are in a poorer condition compared to later.

Hardly a surprise when we think of the soil conditions in August/early September when many crops were drilled into dust bowls. The later crops had benefited from some nice rain showers.
There is often nothing worse for late summer drilled crops than going into slightly moist conditions which allows modest imbibing of water, all that happens is germination begins, the radicle (1st root) begins to develop only for the lack of moisture to severely check or worse the developing seedlings.  The oft heard cry of it ‘just needs some rain’ can quite often be too late.

Some early wheat are at GS 13 – 15 but there are also some patches still not emerged or worse have died back.

OSR crops have not fared any better early crops can be at the 4-6 leaf stage and have good coverage others have suffered from two stage emergence with some at just the 2 leaf stage. More still have large areas that quite honestly would have benefitted from re-drilling. But at the time who would have made that call?

As I commented to the producer of Manor Gold rapeseed oil, what we should do is easy to decide, what we shouldn’t do is less clear.

So the dice are rolled, only to stop next July – will they stop on double six or double 2? Only time will tell.


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