“We found it hard to find anything negative to say about this College” – Agricultural study – the facts

Well, i think I may have to put my mortgage on a horse, buy the lottery and invest in Euro’s. Such are my recent found powers of prediction.  Hot on the heels of my blog about the diploma minefield, the Farmers Weekly have only published a survey about Agricultural Colleges.  I genuinely had no idea this was in the offing.

It’s nice to read the comments from our current and past students.  It’s also heartening to read the comments so positive about other agricultural colleges, its great to read that most are once again On The Up as it were.

Although I have no facts to bear this out, I have a feeling in my (soil?) water that Ag Colleges are going to have another resurgence. The scale of University fees is, inevitably, going to put many future learners (Yes, that word again), sorry STUDENTS off studying agricultural subjects at uni.  Therefore the provision at traditional Ag Colleges will be looked at by many next-gen agriculturalists and farmers. 

We as colleges must be ready to deliver the requisite courses, and I am sure we will be.

Please excuse my indulgence but I feel i should include the snippets from Reaseheath, if I may.

The basics?

All the traditional agricultural courses plus some more unusual ones such as adventure sports. Opportunity to study up to foundation degree level. About 95% of students find employment or move on to higher education. £3.5m recently invested into the college’s dairy and livestock facilities. There’s also a demonstration anaerobic digester on its 300ha college farm. Recent £35m spend across campus. The farm has commercial pig, sheep and dairy units – the pride of which is the former Genus MOET herd of high merit dairy cows, now renamed Reaseheath Holsteins. The dairy is so high-tech it’s like something out of a sci-fi film. Over 350 agricultural students, 95 of whom are studying degree-level courses.


What the students love about it?

Beautiful country estate feel. Experienced (in a know-what-they’re-talking-about-not-fresh-out-of-college themselves way) staff. The college farm has a real mixed feel, with a bit of everything, and plenty of practical sessions. Very strong on dairy. Good at arranging work experience.


Can’t all be wonderful, though, can it?

In common with Sparsholt, however much we cajoled we couldn’t dig up a bad word about this college.


A student (or recently left) student’s experience?

“Through the college I’ve already got a list of employers looking to take people on, so have no worries about getting a job. Getting involved in showing the Longhorn cattle was a really great experience in my first year. The college farm is really cutting-edge; it’s given me such a lot to think about when I go home to the family farm.”


Social life and extra-curriculum activity?

Regular events, such as Thursday night discos, in the student bar. Only a few minutes’ drive from the smart market town of Nantwich. Bigger nights out to Chester and Shrewsbury.


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