More wise words from Orson’s Oracle This time is discussing LERAP Buffer Zones and the propsed new regs. “…chlorpyrifos would need a buffer zone of 72 metres….” surely that’s just going to far. Sorry to be alarmist but is that thin end of the wedge getting a bit thicker ? How many farmers filled in ditches to get around the need for buffer zones compared to how many have gone for bio-diverse sown buffers? Seems ironic that the latter would be penalised. That said I have often commented that the usual grass buffer zones would be far more beneficial if they contained taller species to act as a better buffer. Pun most definately intended this time. Surely the taller bird cover/environmental/ biodiversity mixtures now available would be preferable to relatively short tussocky grasses. Reduced drift:increased bio-diversity – this has got to be worth considering surely? Well worth reading Orsons Oracle every issue. Agronomyman