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What to do with the poor OSR crops this spring is the question if the week. This time Agrii give some good advice. There’s plenty of advice about at tge moment. Precisely what to do is the question.

New to Spring Cropping? Advice from Frontier This season is going to be tricky. You may not have your winter cropping drilled; or your winter cropping will have failed; trickier still do you persevere with a poor crop or establish a new spring sown crop? Whichever is the situation if you are new to spring cropping here is some very useful advice from Frontier.


HGCA – AHDB-HGCA publishes early snapshot of winter plantings

So the early indications of autumn plantings of wheat are down 12%; barley down 9% and OSR down much less at 3%. Spring barley unurprisingly is expected to be up by circa 40%. I expect there will be a similar story for spring beans, Linseed may also be up. Good luck with that particular crop! Still cant help but think the OSR picture is bleaker than than the small decrease at 3%, as there are a lot of poor crops out there. I not really convinced they will all survive, so the figure could be over 5% – at least. Now that brings me to another hobby horse of mine, would the OSR crops be in better order had they followed winter barley in the rotation? Earlier harvest, more timely cultivations and earlier establishment. I accept the GM for winter barley is lower but the over farm margins may be better? Whilst we are on topic what about adding a pulse to the rotation? Lets consider rotational grassland too. Ok, i am going off topic and extreme here, arent I? Or am I?