New to Spring Cropping? Advice from Frontier This season is going to be tricky. You may not have your winter cropping drilled; or your winter cropping will have failed; trickier still do you persevere with a poor crop or establish a new spring sown crop? Whichever is the situation if you are new to spring cropping here is some very useful advice from Frontier.


More wise words from Orson’s Oracle This time is discussing LERAP Buffer Zones and the propsed new regs. “…chlorpyrifos would need a buffer zone of 72 metres….” surely that’s just going to far. Sorry to be alarmist but is that thin end of the wedge getting a bit thicker ? How many farmers filled in ditches to get around the need for buffer zones compared to how many have gone for bio-diverse sown buffers? Seems ironic that the latter would be penalised. That said I have often commented that the usual grass buffer zones would be far more beneficial if they contained taller species to act as a better buffer. Pun most definately intended this time. Surely the taller bird cover/environmental/ biodiversity mixtures now available would be preferable to relatively short tussocky grasses. Reduced drift:increased bio-diversity – this has got to be worth considering surely? Well worth reading Orsons Oracle every issue. Agronomyman

Article from Agrovista re: Blackgrass control strategy

Well worth reading this piece, i have to say I really like the comment that “..we can learn a lot from organic production….” because its absolutely right, we can – and should. If you have not already done so I recommend you download the App from Agrovista. I have no commercial interest with Agrovista I just think its a useful tool.

Interesting article from US on the importance of proper treated seed disposal

Although an American article the sentiment is the same for UK farmers. Seed stewardship is as important as the disposal of all pesticides.
As we are well aware the more pesticides that are thought to be polluting the environment; the greater the risk that they will be banned.