Wheat Development 15 days – 22/10/11

The Wheat is well and truly emerging now. There is very good, even & high population emergence in this field, this is due to the near perfect growing conditions for the crop. The dry summer has resulted in dusty seedbeds but it also allowed timely cultivations to take place. However it has been fairly damp for the last few weeks in Shropshire without being too wet, coupled with the relatively warm soil and air tempertaures this has given near optimum conditions.


If you look carefully at this next image you can see the first leaf emerged is protected by the coleoptile sheath.   This image shows the seed as well as the coleoptile containig the first seed leaf. This growth stage is classified as GS 1,0.


This next image shows how quickly the situation changes. The main part of the field was drilled on a Friday evening, the section in the far ground is an official HGCA RL trial, this was drilled on the following Sunday afternoon – so just 44 hours difference.  You can clearly see the field is100% ememrged, yet the trial area is yet to shows signs of emergence.




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